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Stop the Aging Process with our EXCLUSIVE GoNano Product!

Looking to improve your home’s durability and longevity? Maintenance and proper care will help, but they can only do so much to defend against the harsh abuse that the elements can throw at them. If you’re looking for some extra strength that affords preservation and long-term functionality, a GoNano nanocoating product from NANOCO is the best choice.

BBB Accredited For your peace of mind

  • BBB Accredited

What Is a Nanocoating?

A nanocoating is a surface-penetrating coating designed to slow or even temporarily halt the aging process by protecting outdoor surfaces from the elements. Nanocoatings get their name from the nanoparticles infused within them that provide immense strength and durability once it has set. After properly applied, these products can extend the lifespan of your roof, fence, or another outdoor surface by up to 15 years, even through harsh UV-heavy sunlight and extreme weather conditions like wind, rain, and hail.

GoNano is one of the leading nanocoating products on the market and one of the industry’s foremost innovators in the United States. GoNano products have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories, one of the world’s premier product testing and certification authorities. And it can even be applied to other surfaces around your property, including stucco, wood fences, clay tiles, asphalt shingles, asphalt roads, concrete or brick driveways, and more!

GoNano products are trusted around the country because:

  • GoNano offers unparalleled UV protection to prevent roof decay and material rot.
  • GoNano stops oxidation, water infiltration, and microorganism growth like mold or algae.
  • GoNano products slow roof aging and extends the life of your roof materials.
  • All GoNano coating installations come with a 10-15-year warranty when done by a certified installer like NANOCO.
  • GoNano Products can be applied to many different surfaces, including both concrete and wood. 

The GoNano Installation Process

NANOCO is proud to be the only certified dealer and installer of GoNano products in the entire state of California, and we proudly serve customers across the entire Central Valley. Installation of GoNano products is generally simple, straightforward, and requires very little additional preparation on your part. On installation day, our technicians show up at your home with the properly chosen product for the surface we will be spraying. From there, our technicians climb up to your roof with professional spray applicators that evenly cover your roof with a healthy coating of this product.

Initially, GoNano products will give your roof an additional sheen. However, over the hours that the coating dries and sets in place, the sheen will fade and leave your roof looking brand new. For this reason,  combining a GoNano product installation with one of our signature roof cleaning services is essential to ensure your roof looks its best and your coating fully adheres to your roof’s surface.

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