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Protect Your Roof with GoNano Products from NANOCO

Every roof will eventually wear out, and replacing a worn-out roof can be extremely expensive. What if there was a way you could protect your investment and extend its life even longer? That’s exactly what a GoNano penetrating coating from NANOCO can do. GoNano products have been tested and proven to extend the lifespan of rooftops for up to 15 additional years, and we’re proud to be the only licensed dealer and installer in the entire state of California. If you live in the Central Valley and are looking for a way to protect your home and preserve your roof, reach out to us to learn more about this affordable and incredibly effective process.

We coat all types of roofs in homes across the Central Valley! Call NANOCO at (209) 900-5846 today to receive an estimate.

What Is a Roof Coating?

 Much the same way you apply a clearcoat to a piece of furniture to protect a meticulously achieved finish, a roof coating is a form of protection for your roof’s extremely valuable surface. At NANOCO, we proudly install products from GoNano, one of the industry’s premier manufacturers. When properly applied, GoNano products have been thoroughly tested and proven to provide extensive additional protection for up to 15 years to a wide variety of surfaces. In fact, all GoNano installations we complete here at NANOCO are backed by a 10-15-year manufacturer warranty for your confidence and peace of mind.

The secret to long-lasting protection is nanoparticles—microscopic protective particles suspended in a unique fluid. These particles add additional protection from the elements as well as incredible strength, giving your roof an extra layer of protection from everything from harsh sunlight to flying debris to heavy rains—whatever nature might throw at you.

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Roof Coating FAQ

Here are the answers to just a few of the common questions we receive about our roof coating services.

Do you coat all types of roofs?

Yes! We treat both sloped and flat roofs, and even install on roofs made from different materials, including:

  • Concrete tiles
  • Clay tiles
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Wooden roofs like cedar shakes

How long does installation take?

Installation can generally be completed in as little as a few hours, but full curing can take up to 30 days but can be walked on after 7. If we’re able to start early in the morning, we are finished with most installations by the early afternoon. This process does get a little longer if you have your roof pressure washed before installation begins—a good idea in most cases.

Does a roof coating require maintenance?

So long as your roof coating installation goes smoothly, coatings generally require little to no maintenance for their entire lifespan.  Of course, if your roof does start to show signs of a problem before your coating’s warranty expires, give us a call and let us know so we can fix the issue. We also offer a discounted gutter cleaning plan to help remove debris that builds up in the eaves of the roof. 

High-quality roof coating services are just a phone call away! Reach out to NANOCO today—fill out our form and let a member of our team get back to you.

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