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Wood has been used as a building material for thousands of years, and today it still provides a combination of affordability, durability, and timeless beauty for a variety of different purposes. Wood is even a great material for outdoor use, but the elements can take a particularly harsh toll on anything wood left outside for some time. This means wooden fences, rooftops, pergolas, gazebos, and any other wooden structures are vulnerable to wear and rot caused by the elements.

However, your wooden structures don’t have to be doomed to a slow demise—high-quality Stockton wood coating services from NANOCO can help protect and preserve your outdoor wooden materials for an additional decade or more. NANOCO is proud to be California’s only certified dealer and installer for GoNano products, meaning we’re the only one who can offer both these materials and superior installation for best results with them. Whether you’re looking to protect your fence and keep your property beautiful or simply preserve a highlighted and beloved outdoor feature, NANOCO is proud to be the name you can call throughout the Central Valley.

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What Are GoNano Products?

Almost everyone knows that if you want any wood located outside to last, you have to protect it by either painting or staining it. These coatings provide an additional layer of protection that prevents sunlight, moisture, and other hazards from eating away at wood as fast as possible. However, GoNano products are different. GoNano coatings are infused with nanoparticles that create an extraordinarily strong additional barrier that repels UV radiation, moisture, and even impact from debris. By penetrating deep into wooden materials by seeping in through natural pores and gaps, these coatings can both protect color and condition as well as form a strong bond that creates maximum protection.

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Protect Your Fence for the Next Decade!

GoNano products have been tested and proven in a number of both laboratory and real-world environments, and the manufacturer even stands by their product with a comprehensive warranty. When installed properly, these products can easily protect any outdoor wood for 10 years or more, and these comprehensive warranties are intended to provide you with peace of mind that comes from knowing your outdoor wooden structures and features are defended with the best solution available.

Keep your wood protected from the elements with GoNano products installed by the local pros at NANOCO! Contact us today to receive a quote.

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