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Renewable energy is the future, and homes around the Central Valley have been turning to solar to supplement or even take over as their primary energy source. Solar panels are becoming extremely common and popular around California, thanks to our state’s extremely friendly solar laws and ultra-high grid power prices. And while solar is generally a low-maintenance and easy-to-operate feature for nearly any home, NANOCO knows that keeping your solar panels clean is key to keeping your home looking its best and your panels producing optimally.

NANOCO is one of the few companies in the area to specialize in roof cleaning services specifically for roofs with solar panels on them. That includes removing all types of dirt, grime, mildew, algae, and other things that might be stuck and growing on your roof’s surface in order to keep your roof looking great. We also remove caked-on dust, mud, and other debris from your solar panel’s surface, keeping them clean and producing to their fullest capacity. 

We prioritize keeping your roof clean, looking great, and in good health! Call NANOCO at (209) 900-5846 and let our experts care for your roof if you have a solar energy system.

Solar Cleaning & Maintenance

Your solar panels are as important to your roof’s overall look as the rest of it’s surface, so naturally any messes, dust, or built-up debris will contribute to your roof looking worn-down or unkempt. And with so much of your home’s curb appeal depending on your roof, it’s easy to see how dirty solar panels could make your whole home look messier. At NANOCO, we offer pressure washing and cleaning services that are specialized for rooftop solar panel installations. Not only do we keep your panels clean, bright, and looking great, but we can even improve their efficiency by removing caked-on dust, mud, and other grime that might be inhibiting them from performing to their fullest potential.

Make solar panel cleaning a part of your roof maintenance and enjoy a more efficient solar energy system that lasts longer and saves you more money throughout its lifespan. 

“They were very thorough in all the areas they tackled.”

Ken R.

Stockton Solar Sales

Are you one of the many people looking to switch to solar? Make sure your solar sales company is going to do the job right. With solar growing in popularity as fast as it is, many companies are sprouting up that claim they can sell solar panels, but few do the job right. 

Skilled local solar installation is just a phone call away with NANOCO! Contact us for a quote today.

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